How will the Clearing Process benefit you?

You may be surprised by the positive changes in many areas of your life when you learn to use Clearing to handle emotional challenges:

  • Tremendous psychic energy, which was tied up in protecting you from realizing the intensity of your true feelings, becomes free for creative and joyful living
  • Physical conditions that used to bother you will vanish. You’ll be dealing with issues before they show up in your body. 
  • The Clearing Process is cumulative. As you continue to use it, you are learning to be your own therapist. The challenges that naturally come up in life are resolved more and more quickly.
  • You learn to gently allow your own feelings, without needing to try to make anything in particular happen. Once you no longer become overwhelmed by a heavy emotional response to something, you will find that you have a natural knowing about what to do to handle it; what feels right. Clarity comes automatically when emotional reaction is met in the moment, felt and released.
  • Clearing work shifts your inner vibration, and life changes in response to your transformed energy. People respond more positively to you.  Things that used to bother you no longer do. As you continue to stay in touch with present-moment feelings, you are grounded in your own peace and confidence.

Pat Palmer, MS, CPP


What types of emotions and traumas can be cleared?


The Clearing Process works on you as a whole, but often targeting the most painful emotions gives the most dramatic outcome, especially in the beginning.

The Clearing Process treats emotions like:

Depression and Grief • Heartbreak and Loss • Rage and Anger •    Chronic Anxiety • Victimhood • Fear of Failure/Stuckness • Jealousy •    Discouragement


How Does the Clearing Process Help?

This is where the Clearing Process steps in. It will show you the source of the toxic vibration inside of you. Then you can clear it, literally feeling the vibration shift and dissipate as you turn toward it.

Sessions to learn the Clearing Process, and get immediate relief from the quicksand of discomfort, may be done in person or on Skype.

You will learn the foundations of the process in the first six sessions, and these will help you dissolve challenges for the rest of your life. Many clients continue doing one on one sessions of Clearing, learning further about themselves through doing the deeper work.